May 30, 2014

What diets have in common?

John Barban Review - What diets have in common? Outside the miraculous ingredient or miraculous word a formula diets have in common is that their at least temporary success lies in the limitation of energy intake (reduction at the expense of carbohydrates or fats) in reflection on what we eat and often especially in limiting the amount of food consumed. So for not worth this or that magic formula, but diet can work provided that the following three invisible rules.

Changing lifestyles If you want to really do something themselves, and not just for weight reduction, but primarily for their health, it is necessary to realize that dieting does not allow us this. Proof of this is the growing interest in so-called healthy lifestyle. Maybe a better word than healthy would be better to use the word appropriate lifestyle.

 There is no specific principle, how to achieve it, there are a few principles that we should keep as much as possible and strive for them. It's not just about nutrition, it is a complex concept that incorporates a number of areas. rational diet - focus on a healthy diet, the appropriate technological modifications, eat regularly in small portions (seasoned rule, but working :-) better than not eat at all, and after a whole day refrigerator) and brightly

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