May 30, 2014

Physical activity and diet

John Barban Review - Physical activity - Connect with pleasure, do what you enjoy, you should not be putting on a climbing when you are afraid of heights. Do not avoid routine exercise, such as walking up the stairs, walking on foot, walking the dog, vacuuming. And try to find a different purposeful movement that you can perform with your friends, friend. Psychological well-being - to be able to find time on yourself, relax, do what you enjoy, not to be stressed This approach is not about that either we win or we fail.

Nothing is black and white. And this is important to remember. Once you stumble, stand right back on your feet when you treat yourself to an ice cream and enjoy it and then go walk, work out, but mainly for do not blame the fact that you gave her.  get your answers here

Do not just bad mood and say to yourself, "Well, now I do not care, fuck it and i will give you chocolate." No, it does not need. There's always a way back, and you do not need to just New Year's resolutions, Monday or correct date. You can start at any time.

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What diets have in common?

John Barban Review - What diets have in common? Outside the miraculous ingredient or miraculous word a formula diets have in common is that their at least temporary success lies in the limitation of energy intake (reduction at the expense of carbohydrates or fats) in reflection on what we eat and often especially in limiting the amount of food consumed. So for not worth this or that magic formula, but diet can work provided that the following three invisible rules.

Changing lifestyles If you want to really do something themselves, and not just for weight reduction, but primarily for their health, it is necessary to realize that dieting does not allow us this. Proof of this is the growing interest in so-called healthy lifestyle. Maybe a better word than healthy would be better to use the word appropriate lifestyle.

 There is no specific principle, how to achieve it, there are a few principles that we should keep as much as possible and strive for them. It's not just about nutrition, it is a complex concept that incorporates a number of areas. rational diet - focus on a healthy diet, the appropriate technological modifications, eat regularly in small portions (seasoned rule, but working :-) better than not eat at all, and after a whole day refrigerator) and brightly

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May 28, 2014

Circuit training will start with warming up

John Barban Venus Factor - Generally, especially for beginners, prefer not to rush, to learn how to train technically correct, gradually increase the tempo and deployment. As with any workout is also true that each circuit training will start warming up, most dynamic and diverse (even a fun and competitive form). The aim is to prepare the whole body burden, stimulate blood, and activate the neuromuscular junction and major joint structures (i.e., knees, hips, spine and shoulders), 10 minutes is just fine. At the end of round training devote 5-10 minutes of stretching stressed muscles and joints in the body.

In the following parts of the series of circuit training I would like to present several examples of circular training with photographic accompaniment assembled specifically for the needs of women. Sample circuit training will focus on strengthening the overall figures on the development condition and other physical skills and shaping the problematic parts of the body (hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen).

Enjoy a selected circuit training "classical" fitness center (the bodybuilder), then the sample circuit training in the hall with the use of non-traditional range of fitness, circuit training using free weights (dumbbells, plates, dumbbells long axis, multi press), then the circuit training for the whole body using the TRX and circuit training with your own body weight without any fitness equipment (option home in the apartment and outside in nature, e.g. in parks).

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May 26, 2014

Link Loss Of Bone Density Decline In Weight During Menopause

A study conducted on the long-term to decrease weight during menopause is linked to - apparently - the rates increased for the loss of bone density. Said Dr. Jane A. Cooley of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania that "even women who were taking hormone therapy, age reserves completely from the loss of bone density.” The report noted Cooley and her colleagues that the change in weight leads to changes in bone mineral density, and weight loss during menopause may be more. was Cooley and her colleagues identified in previous loss greater BMD during the 18-month period among women, in Program aims to encourage the loss of moderate weight compared with women simply following the diet low in fat (control group).

Has traced the new study, bone mineral density and measurements of weight at 373 woman is obese pre-menopausal women who varied in age from 44 to 50 years was for more than 78 months. During the intervention active, which lasted 54 months, increased weight individuals control group, 2.6 kg, while lost the intervention group of 0.4 kg of body weight, on average. Indicated Cooley that the annual rate of loss of hip bones was "the largest six-fold" among women who lost weight compared with their counterparts in the control group who did not lose weight.John Barban Review

Said that "women who take hormone therapy at the time of menopause had witnessed a slower rate of loss of bone density. She added that "However, if these women lost weight also witnessed the faster rates of bone loss." Risk and the researchers estimate that the loss of bone density over five years represents about 7% of women who have lost weight. It adds Cooley that "this quantum of the loss of bone density associated with an increased in the risk of fractures." mentions that when you re-evaluation of the participants in this study, two years after the cessation of active intervention, the researchers found less in the differences that relate to weight and absence - in general - the differences in BMD.

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Way to lose weight 10 kg in just one week!!!

The green apple contains a chlorine solution which reacts with stomach enzymes to reducing the size of the stomach third and fourth day: yogurt drink skim reason: because the milk is helpful in cleaning the stomach fifth and sixth day: eat kiwi or pineapple fresh reason: because it helps to burn fat seventh day: eat anything free of fat and carbohydrates until you feel the start of satiety stop eating and taking care of daily walking or any movement, such as the work piece play ball is important to make the body move for two hours, not smoking and stay away from soft drinks and carbohydrates.

That the success of this diet to lose weight is linked to exercise Sports daily, and are considered "walking" the easiest and most suitable sport, it sports available to all, is the most appropriate timing for exercise after Taraweeh prayers, and advised not to engage in any sport during fasting, because it is dangerous to the human body because it may be exposed suddenly to a decline in circulation. consider this method

Do not behind TV ads for slimming drugs, and remember that there is no magic pill ward off obesity. - Stay away completely from the idea to lose weight quickly, because that leads to the stability of weight after a few weeks. - Ali eating small amounts of food in order to become a habit ingrained in you. - Limit the number of times the food you eat at fast food restaurants contains three times the normal food prices. - Avoid foods fries they undermine your efforts to lose weight and containing fats saturated deposited in the arteries and lead to heart disease. - Completely between eating and watching television because the link between them to create a kind of addiction to food and drink, regardless of the sense of hunger.

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Guidance lose weight in the month of Ramadan

1 - Drinking large amounts of water from the most important Ramadan, which has been scientifically proven that it helps directly get rid of toxins and increase metabolic rate (metabolism), and this is what we need during the month of Ramadan, they must eat at least about 3 liters of water between Iftar.

2 - advised doctors of the importance of eating healthy balanced diet For breakfast does not have to start a little water and dates, then calm down a little bit for a quarter of an hour, and then we take a cup small soup, and then begin to eat food that contains a bowl of vegetables, steamed, in addition to a piece of meat, chicken or other proteins grilled or cooked in a healthy way, it can also eat 5 tablespoons of rice or pasta, along with a large bowl of power, which can add vinegar and lemon need to increase the rate of burning. It is also necessary to move away completely from fried foods, baked goods or pastries. does it absolutely work?

3 - Not to eat sweets after breakfast directly, but preferred to wait at least three hours before eating, as it is sufficient ingested in limited quantities and only twice a week and replace the fruit by the rest of the week. 4 - For So hour importance delayed as much as possible, and the need to contain dairy products with a move away from the cheese "cooked" in addition to the little bit of bread, preferably contains "bran" and not white bread, can also eat fruit or some. 5 - the importance of drinking a cup of green tea at least once a day in addition to eating natural juices containing potassium such as orange juice, or avocado, or watermelon, or grapes, or apricots. c

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benefits of fasting to lose weight

You my sister this advice, which should be exploited during Ramadan and is not come to once a year to best exploited Thank God it's not a once in a lifetime: the benefit of fasting to lose weight:

fasting save us from a lot of bad eating habits, and here we are committed to prayer specific food In addition to that narrow period between breakfast and does not give a chance to eat large amounts of food, and therefore can be considered as the month of Ramadan a good chance of working to lose weight by following a set of instructions task, which may contribute significantly to the loss of weight during the month of Ramadan.  find more tips here

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Weight Loss Factors

Suffers from enjoying body resembles the shape of an apple from a problem in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which is an indication of increasing the proportion of insulin in blood, where the body to increase the secretion of insulin in an attempt to reduce blood sugar.

Given that the fat cells in the abdominal area are in sensitivity to insulin significantly, stored grease in the waist and lower abdomen. - suffering body which carries a pear shape of an imbalance in the ratio of «estrogen» blood, which leads to increased accumulation of fat in the lower half of the body. The matter becomes even worse if the owner of the high «estrogen» injury sluggishly thyroid gland, leading to a low rate of burning the body, and therefore difficult to lose weight. To fix the problems - talk to your doctor about the vitamins, minerals, resistance to weight loss, which contain important nutrients and is working on a set rate blood sugar and improves the metabolism rate. you should not miss this

Do not use the nutrients complementary alternative to a healthy lifestyle, we must choose the diet enhanced and appropriate to the case body to resist weight loss, with attendance at athletic program daily. - in the event of injury sluggishly in the thyroid gland, it is recommended specialists strengthen the medical treatment plan healthy food containing foods with high nutritional value, as advised to follow the athletic program includes training for carrying heavy loads. Finally offers you (Author Name) consultant treatment of obesity and thinness Hospital Nasser Institute some important tips for agility last long without depriving follow some steps.

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