May 26, 2014

Weight Loss Factors

Suffers from enjoying body resembles the shape of an apple from a problem in the metabolism of carbohydrates, which is an indication of increasing the proportion of insulin in blood, where the body to increase the secretion of insulin in an attempt to reduce blood sugar.

Given that the fat cells in the abdominal area are in sensitivity to insulin significantly, stored grease in the waist and lower abdomen. - suffering body which carries a pear shape of an imbalance in the ratio of «estrogen» blood, which leads to increased accumulation of fat in the lower half of the body. The matter becomes even worse if the owner of the high «estrogen» injury sluggishly thyroid gland, leading to a low rate of burning the body, and therefore difficult to lose weight. To fix the problems - talk to your doctor about the vitamins, minerals, resistance to weight loss, which contain important nutrients and is working on a set rate blood sugar and improves the metabolism rate. you should not miss this

Do not use the nutrients complementary alternative to a healthy lifestyle, we must choose the diet enhanced and appropriate to the case body to resist weight loss, with attendance at athletic program daily. - in the event of injury sluggishly in the thyroid gland, it is recommended specialists strengthen the medical treatment plan healthy food containing foods with high nutritional value, as advised to follow the athletic program includes training for carrying heavy loads. Finally offers you (Author Name) consultant treatment of obesity and thinness Hospital Nasser Institute some important tips for agility last long without depriving follow some steps.

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