May 26, 2014

Way to lose weight 10 kg in just one week!!!

The green apple contains a chlorine solution which reacts with stomach enzymes to reducing the size of the stomach third and fourth day: yogurt drink skim reason: because the milk is helpful in cleaning the stomach fifth and sixth day: eat kiwi or pineapple fresh reason: because it helps to burn fat seventh day: eat anything free of fat and carbohydrates until you feel the start of satiety stop eating and taking care of daily walking or any movement, such as the work piece play ball is important to make the body move for two hours, not smoking and stay away from soft drinks and carbohydrates.

That the success of this diet to lose weight is linked to exercise Sports daily, and are considered "walking" the easiest and most suitable sport, it sports available to all, is the most appropriate timing for exercise after Taraweeh prayers, and advised not to engage in any sport during fasting, because it is dangerous to the human body because it may be exposed suddenly to a decline in circulation. consider this method

Do not behind TV ads for slimming drugs, and remember that there is no magic pill ward off obesity. - Stay away completely from the idea to lose weight quickly, because that leads to the stability of weight after a few weeks. - Ali eating small amounts of food in order to become a habit ingrained in you. - Limit the number of times the food you eat at fast food restaurants contains three times the normal food prices. - Avoid foods fries they undermine your efforts to lose weight and containing fats saturated deposited in the arteries and lead to heart disease. - Completely between eating and watching television because the link between them to create a kind of addiction to food and drink, regardless of the sense of hunger.

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