May 26, 2014

Link Loss Of Bone Density Decline In Weight During Menopause

A study conducted on the long-term to decrease weight during menopause is linked to - apparently - the rates increased for the loss of bone density. Said Dr. Jane A. Cooley of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania that "even women who were taking hormone therapy, age reserves completely from the loss of bone density.” The report noted Cooley and her colleagues that the change in weight leads to changes in bone mineral density, and weight loss during menopause may be more. was Cooley and her colleagues identified in previous loss greater BMD during the 18-month period among women, in Program aims to encourage the loss of moderate weight compared with women simply following the diet low in fat (control group).

Has traced the new study, bone mineral density and measurements of weight at 373 woman is obese pre-menopausal women who varied in age from 44 to 50 years was for more than 78 months. During the intervention active, which lasted 54 months, increased weight individuals control group, 2.6 kg, while lost the intervention group of 0.4 kg of body weight, on average. Indicated Cooley that the annual rate of loss of hip bones was "the largest six-fold" among women who lost weight compared with their counterparts in the control group who did not lose weight.John Barban Review

Said that "women who take hormone therapy at the time of menopause had witnessed a slower rate of loss of bone density. She added that "However, if these women lost weight also witnessed the faster rates of bone loss." Risk and the researchers estimate that the loss of bone density over five years represents about 7% of women who have lost weight. It adds Cooley that "this quantum of the loss of bone density associated with an increased in the risk of fractures." mentions that when you re-evaluation of the participants in this study, two years after the cessation of active intervention, the researchers found less in the differences that relate to weight and absence - in general - the differences in BMD.

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