May 26, 2014

Guidance lose weight in the month of Ramadan

1 - Drinking large amounts of water from the most important Ramadan, which has been scientifically proven that it helps directly get rid of toxins and increase metabolic rate (metabolism), and this is what we need during the month of Ramadan, they must eat at least about 3 liters of water between Iftar.

2 - advised doctors of the importance of eating healthy balanced diet For breakfast does not have to start a little water and dates, then calm down a little bit for a quarter of an hour, and then we take a cup small soup, and then begin to eat food that contains a bowl of vegetables, steamed, in addition to a piece of meat, chicken or other proteins grilled or cooked in a healthy way, it can also eat 5 tablespoons of rice or pasta, along with a large bowl of power, which can add vinegar and lemon need to increase the rate of burning. It is also necessary to move away completely from fried foods, baked goods or pastries. does it absolutely work?

3 - Not to eat sweets after breakfast directly, but preferred to wait at least three hours before eating, as it is sufficient ingested in limited quantities and only twice a week and replace the fruit by the rest of the week. 4 - For So hour importance delayed as much as possible, and the need to contain dairy products with a move away from the cheese "cooked" in addition to the little bit of bread, preferably contains "bran" and not white bread, can also eat fruit or some. 5 - the importance of drinking a cup of green tea at least once a day in addition to eating natural juices containing potassium such as orange juice, or avocado, or watermelon, or grapes, or apricots. c

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