June 03, 2014

Get rid of your fat

John Barban Review - First "Stop doing sit-ups!" By strengthening the abdominal muscles to get rid of your fat You're wasting the only time, not fat. Sit-ups also cause pain in the lower back, shoulders and head or neck. Reverse crunches do not call this a number of problems, but to achieve a flat stomach you need more. 2nd Be stronger.

Strength training builds muscle and prevents its loss and helps to burn fat. Squats and dead lifts most increases your strength. Lower back keeps you upright from behind. Your abdominal muscles have the same function just from the front. Both muscle groups are heavily involved in just these two exercises. highly recommended

Of course that follows you do not burn fat on your stomach, but will help reduce the waist, strengthen your abdomen and engage all your muscles from head to heel. If you’re not exercising, the beginning suffice 5x5 3x45/ week. Eat healthily third. As the saying goes "ABS are built in the kitchen". You train hard, and strengthen your abdominal muscles, but if you eat junk all day, your efforts will come to naught.

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