May 28, 2014

Circuit training will start with warming up

John Barban Venus Factor - Generally, especially for beginners, prefer not to rush, to learn how to train technically correct, gradually increase the tempo and deployment. As with any workout is also true that each circuit training will start warming up, most dynamic and diverse (even a fun and competitive form). The aim is to prepare the whole body burden, stimulate blood, and activate the neuromuscular junction and major joint structures (i.e., knees, hips, spine and shoulders), 10 minutes is just fine. At the end of round training devote 5-10 minutes of stretching stressed muscles and joints in the body.

In the following parts of the series of circuit training I would like to present several examples of circular training with photographic accompaniment assembled specifically for the needs of women. Sample circuit training will focus on strengthening the overall figures on the development condition and other physical skills and shaping the problematic parts of the body (hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen).

Enjoy a selected circuit training "classical" fitness center (the bodybuilder), then the sample circuit training in the hall with the use of non-traditional range of fitness, circuit training using free weights (dumbbells, plates, dumbbells long axis, multi press), then the circuit training for the whole body using the TRX and circuit training with your own body weight without any fitness equipment (option home in the apartment and outside in nature, e.g. in parks).

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