June 02, 2014

John Barban Review - New Danger Lies In The Use Of Weight Loss Pills

John Barban Review - Did you try all means and diet plans, sports, something you did not succeed? Do you think the use of weight loss pills as a last resort? Wait a bit and intellectual well before you decide to use, you have medical reports about the quality and effectiveness of these pills, worth you attention.
Based on the medical investigation for stroke patients, carried out by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Yale, the Advisory Committee on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) withdraw all appetite inhibitors, which are sold without a prescription and similar medications containing a substance "phenylpropanolamine". This is not the first time that the scholars are skeptical, and health experts, and nutrition specialists in these drugs that are sold without a prescription, and the extent of its credibility in the suppression of appetite. These medicines containing material "PPA" cause fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, and recklessness, high blood pressure, heart rate variability, and damage to the kidneys, heart, according to a dietician Frances Berg, of the Journal of weight and health professor at the Faculty of Medicine University of North Dakota.

 PPA and the risk of cardiac arrest: says Berg, that medicines containing material PPA, and sold without a prescription or available for adults, adversely affect the public health, even if used properly, they can cause serious reactions. Products are BP which is responsible for its own injury of 200 to 500 people have strokes each year among people aged 18 to 49 years, in particular women new users of the drug, according to data from the Food and Drug Administration based on the study of Yale University.  http://www.fatlosspot.com/venus-factor-review/

The study took five years to track the cases of 702 stroke patients between 18 and 49 years old, was found afflicted with stroke and brain hemorrhage. The infection rate for women 15 times higher among women who had used the drug three days before the stroke. While denied the Manufacturers Association of these drugs to be material "PPA" any connection to this study, said that the products are safe and effective when used according to the instructions written on enclosure.

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